Insurance Work

Byron Bay Smash Repairs is a smash repairer for all the Major Insurance Companies
. We also collaborate with numerous other insurance companies on your behalf to ensure your repair experience is as smooth as possible.

The following information covers some frequently asked questions about vehicle insurance. If further questions arise, please contact your insurance company for their particular operating procedures. 

What is excess and how does it affect my claim?

Excess refers to the gap between the cost of fixing your damaged vehicle and the amount your insurer will contribute to the repairs. You must personally pay this sum if you are responsible for the accident or cannot identify the liable party. Excess also applies to claims for nature inflicted accidents such as hail and flood damage. Excess must be paid or waived before a vehicle is eligible to leave the panel shop. 

How do I get my car fixed if I am insured?

If you wish to make an insurance claim for your car you will need to contact your insurance claims department. You will be required to make a report of the accident giving details regarding accident location and time, any other involved parties, and the names of any witnesses. 

Who pays to have my vehicle towed?

Insurance companies generally cover the cost of towing your vehicle if it has been involved in an accident. To organise vehicle towing a customer can phone their insurer, preferred panel shop, or the towing company directly.  

This information acts as a guide only. Details should be checked against your specific insurance policy.